Concert Tunes

Concert Tunes of Beginning and Intermediate Strings are books of original unison compositions by veteran string teacher, Dale Brubaker. Tested in the classroom for more than three years, Concert Tunes has proven to be an excellent tool for motivation the young string student and teaching fundamental string skills. This collection of fresh, innovative tunes has been successfully used in the classroom and private lessons as both supplementary material and as an alternative to existing method books. Concert Tunes for Beginning and Intermediate Strings will bring a delightful change of pace to your orchestra programs
  • Bold, easy to read music
  • Tunes that are designed to teach a variety of bowing styles
  • Appealing tunes you students will love to play and your audience will love to hear
  • Content that corresponds to traditional method book curriculum beginning with open strings
  • Highlighted examples of new concepts introduced in each composition

Instrumentation, Book I

Violin (CT1-VN) $8.95
Viola (CT1-VA) $8.95
Cello (CT1-CO) $8.95
String Bass (CT1-SB) $8.95
Piano Accomp. (CT1-PNV) $10.95
Score (CT1-CS) $16.95

Instrumentation, Book II

Violin (CT2-VN) $8.95
Viola (CT2-VA) $8.95
Cello (CT2-CO) $8.95
String Bass (CT2-SB) $8.95
Piano Accomp. (CT2-PNV) $10.95
Score (CT2-CS) $16.95