Orchestral Works

A rhythmically driving piece in d Dorian, Celebration offers many teaching opportunities in a format orchestra students will love. Art Sheinberg’s extensive teaching experience at the elementary level is truly evident in this exciting selection

SO 102 – List Price: $30.00 (set C)

Elementary orchestra students will have fun with Plaza de Toros’ bold introduction and stately passages which are reminiscent of a Spanish bullfight.  Every instrument has an opportunity to play the melody in this exciting selection.  An excellent teaching piece your students will adore.

SO 104 – List Price: $30.00 (set C)

You will enjoy setting sail with your students aboard this well constructed selection.  Sailing the Isles and Sailor’s Dance will provide young string players with an opportunity to practice their pizzicato and arco techniques as they alternate between harmonic and melodic responsibilities.  Simple but effective melodies and watertight harmonic writing will insure a smooth voyage.

SO 108 – List Price: $38.00 (set C)

Steven Smith has arranged a charming rendition of the overture for the early Mozart opera, Bastien & Bastienne.  This very playable selection is an excellent way to introduce your younger students to the works of Mozart.

SO 103 – List Price: $32.00 (set C)

Fiddler’s Fantasy is not just another fiddle tune arrangement!  Ron Sadlier has effectively blended Soldier’s Joy with Boil the Cabbage Down to create a unique arrangement which is sure to be a favorite of string orchestra students.  Although a solo violin part is provided to showcase your top student(s), the selection can be played without it.

SO 101 – List Price: $35.00 (set C)

Steven Smith has found a delightful and exciting selection for the Grade 3 orchestra in the Symphony in C Major by G.B. Sammartini.  This playful symphony tosses the melody between the 1st and 2nd violins in a manner that is sure to please and challenge orchestra members and delight you audience!

SO 105 – List Price: $35.00 (set C)

Another gem found and edited by Steven Smith.  This presto movement of the D Major Symphony is one of the finest examples of Stamitz’s genius.  Playable by Middle School and Junior High orchestras, it will be on many festival programs.

SO 106 – List Price: $35.00 (set C)

All strings are offered sweeping melodic phrases in this beautiful original composition by Todd Coleman.  The piece includes a poignant solo section for violin and cello.  Lush harmonies and interwoven melodies form a rich tapestry that is sure to satisfy listener and performer alike.

SO 107 – List Price: $35.00 (set C)