Two Sea Songs                 	Grade 1                	Robert Dohm SO 108 - List Price:  $38.00        	(Set C) A rhythmically driving piece in d Dorian, Celebration offers many teaching opportunities in a format orchestra students will love.  Art Sheinberg's extensive teaching experience at the elementary level is truly evident in this exciting selection! Celebration             	Grade 1              	Art Sheinberg SO 102 - List Price: $30.00         	(Set C) Steven Smith has arranged a charming rendition of the overture for the early Mozart opera, Bastien & Bastienne.  This very playable selection is an excellent way to introduce your younger students to the works of Mozart. Bastien & Bastienne        	Grade 2        	Mozart/Smith SO 103 - List Price: $32.00         	(Set C) Fiddler's Fantasy        	Grade 2+        	arr. Ron Sadlier SO 101 - List Price: $35.00         	(Set C) Symphony in C Major (Allegro)  	Grade 3  	Sammartini/Smith SO 105 - List Price: $35.00         	(Set C) Plaza de Toros  	         Grade 1           	Dale Brubaker SO 104 - List Price: $30.00         	(Set C) Another gem found and edited by Steven Smith.  This presto movement of the D Major Symphony is one of the finest examples of Stamitz's genius.  Playable by Middle School and Junior High orchestras, it will be on many festival programs. Symphony in D, Op. 5 #2 (Presto)   	Grade 3     	Stamitz/Smith SO 106 - List Price:  $35.00        	(Set C) SO 107 - List Price:  $35.00        	(Set C) To Remember           	Grade 3  	           Todd Coleman